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Fractology works simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to provide wide-ranging healing for your body and consciousness.

Dr Catherine Wilkins presents her paradigm shifting work to you, ‘The Soul’s Brain’.

If you desire transformation with your career, money, health or life in general this information is for you..

Professional Development

Take your intuition and energy work to a professional-level. Join a growing community of Fractology practitioners who share a resonant vocabulary.


Grow your intuition, Find your true integrity, Understand pattern-based logic, Navigate your life patterns, Gain energetic mastery, Know with certainty.

Energetic Awareness

Energetic awareness opens doors to new possibilities. Are you wanting to increase your world view and expand your possibilities?


Intuition training can expand your life. If you want your intuition to be a reliable tool then Fractology intuition training is what you’ve been looking for.

Spiritual Counsellor

Fractology offers integrity-based solutions aligned to your unique essence with a practical approach and unprecedented clarity.


Begin your healing journey today. Learn how to heal and transform your patterns for a more expansive, vital and fulfilling life.

Hello. I am Dr Catherine Wilkins

I help other healers seek out to improve their techniques or to trouble-shoot their skills. For nearly thirty years I've been perfecting and teaching my unique system of Fractology, facilitating clients and students in developing their own conscious intuitive logic, and balancing the left and right sides of their brain.


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Become a Certified Fractology Practitioner

Fractology is at the leading edge of modern psychic healing.  Operating from a solid medical and metaphysical understanding of illness and the body enables the Fractology practitioner to work uniquely with healing energies.  The practitioner is able to go directly to the source of mental or physical ailments, diagnose what underlies it and bring about healing by working both at a spiritual level, at the level of body energy and directly with the psyche.
Robert Proctor MD. South Yarra, Vic.


Certified Fractology Practitioner Training

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