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Consciousness and Placebo

Fractology is based on science. Here we will be giving you just a brief taste of some different aspects of that science.

For many years science has dismissed the effectiveness of such work as Fractology and other energy or holistic therapies as the ‘placebo effect’. This is a way of discounting the results achieved. Yet the placebo effect, on average, accounts for 40% of the effect of any drug. This means it is the strongest drug on the market.

While science still has no better explanation for the effects of energetic and consciousness therapies, they are beginning to understand the placebo effect is not imagination but something very real. This is largely thanks to Fabrizio Benedetti, M.D., Professor of physiology and neuroscience, University of Turin Medical School and the National Institute of Neuroscience in Turin, Italy.

Science is primarily reductionism. Meaning, it only accepts the existence of something when its absence can be proven or created. (This is why we cannot prove the existence of God / Goddess, because that is omnipresent.)

He has shown that placebo does not occur in Alzheimer’s patients because the different parts of the brain cannot talk to each other. He has also shown the placebo effect can be blocked by morphine antagonists (things that block the effect of morphine). So now science is beginning to accept that placebo is something real. It has huge implications for the future of medicine.