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Our Fractal pattern is our key to understanding the grandeur and infinite capacity of who We Truly Are. It is difficult for our third dimensional minds to contemplate the truth of our consciousness, which is infinite, holographic and eternal.

Who We Truly Are has more power, wisdom, grace, beauty, and abundance, love and joy than we can truly conceive. Yet we can grow to realise it.

Working with our fractal pattern we grow each day into a more expanded realisation of who We Truly Are. The awareness of our own resonance brings with it a profound understanding of our purpose, our function in the Universe and the realisation of our greatest joy within creation. We begin to truly live, rather than just surviving or ‘getting by’.

Fractology is a system of reliable steps by which we grow our consciousness from a linear third dimensional state, into its true, holographic state. It gives us the right-brained feeling and intuitive state of who We Truly Are, and also the left-brained understanding and practical, step-by-step skill to be able to create our lives in resonance with who We Truly Are.


“Catherine’s work has a surgical character. I felt a huge clearing and a new arrangement of my memory, a process that continues to happen. Looping in my obsessive mental processes was straightened out, creating clarity, tranquility and discernment to deal with critical situations in everyday life.”

“I have been “pruned” and transported to another place. I could feel the connection between what I experienced, the concepts we worked through and new knowledge flowing in intuitively and naturally. It is a very special experience. I only have to give thanks.”

Fernando Horvath – Sao Paulo

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