Energy Of The Month


May is the first month of the new spiritual year.  During this month we welcome in the energy of the new spiritual year.  It’s a time of adjustment and reorientation as we align ourselves to the new flow.  It marks the beginning of a new transition as we make a connection to new energy and influences.

As we begin the Year on the Brink of Transformation we’re being challenged to reach a new level of internal alignment. Humanity as a whole has been hoving on the threshold of transformation for some time. The collective consciousness keeps doing a dance between stepping forward into interdependency, integrity and co-creation and then stepping backward into codependency, right-wrong thinking and fear. For all of us to navigate this time with as much ease and grace as possible requires that we first hold our own positive alignment by focusing on the future we choose for ourselves, and then hold a positive future for the planet as well by remaining focused on the template of the mutually expansive future we are all here to co-create.