3 signs your loyalty is toxic

  • Loyalty can become toxic if you hold onto something that isn’t working for you, whether it’s a person, idea, or job.
  • Toxic loyalty is when you put more into something than what you’re getting out of it, even if your intuition tells you to keep pushing forward.
  • When your loyalty is toxic, it hinders your connection to yourself and makes it harder to hear your intuition and be true to Who You Truly Are.
  • Loyalty should contribute to personal growth and make you stronger day by day. If it doesn’t, you may need to re-evaluate and adjust your approach or consider letting go.
  • Holding onto toxic loyalty prevents you from being your most brilliant self. It hampers your progress.

Are you hanging onto something that’s not working for you?

Paradoxically, sometimes when you’re hanging something it actually stops you from hearing your intuition about how to go about each step. There are three things to watch out for:

  1. You’re out of exchange. This can lead to resentment. When you’re working on something really big, the exchange may not come with every step but if you’re on track you’ll want to be getting joy or inspiration, something that fills you up inside.
  2. Your connection to yourself is getting weaker, not stronger. If your loyalty is toxic it’s costing you so much the unacknowledged self-betrayal will make it harder to connect to Who You Truly Are.
  3. Your capacity for growth, for self-belief and your skills are decreasing. Your capacity to feel stronger in yourself, to be able to deal with your life in a more robust way will grow day by day when you’re on track. If that isn’t happening, consider if you need to continue. When your loyalty is toxic, think about how much you’ll need to change the situation to make it work for you. Will it work with just a tweak? Or do you need a whole new way of creating what you want? Or do you need to abandon it all together? What served you in the past may no longer be serving you, and if you hold onto it for too long then even the best things may turn toxic. If you’re holding onto toxic loyalty it’s time to let go. You can’t become the truly brilliant person you are unless you do.
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