The five phases of realising your dreams – and why that’s different to goals

Learn to listen to the voice of your own intuition
Listen to the voice of your own intuition for joyous expansion in life and business

Business intuition is a hot topic right now but those who’ve been working with their intuition for a while know that one of the great powers of intuition is the ability it gives you to expand your life. This is true in business as well as in life. In business and personal development we’re so often taught to set goals. The problem with goals is that they always come from within our current reality. That’s why they’re SMART – specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-dependent. If you can measure it and know its reality and how long it’s going to take you to get there it’s within your reality. You may have to expand your skill base to achieve it but you’re not going to have to expand your reality, particularly your reality around what you can achieve. Goals don’t do that. Dreams do.

Yet how are you meant to create your dreams? They’re out of your current reality so how can you begin to navigate towards them? That’s where your intuition comes in. Your intuition knows the pattern of your life and your consciousness and can use that to navigate into the unknown. Your dream may be out in an expanse of life unfamiliar to you but it will be just another expression of your pattern. When you set your intention to achieve or create something you think is impossible but are still willing to work towards it your intuition will kick in. As soon as you do that you’ll begin to work your way through the five phases of realising your dreams.

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    Joy and excitement are your true power

    Power your intuition with excitement.

When you set your intention for a dream so vast it’s currently outside your reality you’re choosing a general direction for your life. Your intuition will use this as to set your course but initially you won’t have any details as to how you’ll achieve it. It’s outside your reality. You may have a few details about what it’ll look like but even those may be scanty. You will, however, have the feeling of it. That’s the exciting part. Hold onto that excitement as that will power your intuition. With my book The Soul’s Brain all I knew at this point was that it was time to put my work out into the world. That was my intention.

 2. A few details fill in.

The next phase is marked by getting clear on some of the details. This means you’re getting closer. These details help build the excitement even more. With my book The Soul’s Brain I got me clear that I wanted to publish it through Hay House.

 3. You feel a powerful urge to take necessary action.

Escher has a lot to answer for
You need to take action when your dream turns into an actionable goal

The details get even clearer because your reality has grown to the point that it’s starting to include at least a possible path towards your dream. Your intuition will know which steps to take and, importantly, when to take them. I had been thinking about attending a Hay House workshop for a while but then I suddenly got a powerful urge to go to the workshop in Maui. Of course the fact that I’d never been to Hawaii so it would also be a tax-deductible holiday also helped.

 4. The dream takes shape.

For some, this next phase can be difficult. It certainly requires work. This is when your dream gets to ground itself into your reality as you do the work. Now your dream is in your reality it’s become similar to a goal. You have to follow the necessary action plan. For The Soul’s Brain this meant I had to write it, which was fun, and then I had to edit it, which did my head in at times but definitely resulted in a  book that was an easy read so it was worthwhile for all my readers.

Now where ian schneider
Once you arrive at your new reality that’s where you’re going to have to live.


5. You arrive at the threshold.

Once all the work is done things start to fall into place. At this point your old reality can test you, which is another way of saying if you haven’t expanded mentally and emotionally to fit your new reality you’ll need to do it now. If not, you run the risk of sabotaging things. If you do this work before you get to this point you’ll be able to enjoy the expansion. Which means it’s time to celebrate! This is what I’ll be doing next Friday, 15th March, with the launch of The Soul’s Brain. Please come and join me for the Bubbles and Book Launch.  Click here for details:

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