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The specific, detailed and holographic nature of the fractal pattern give Fractology power and effectiveness.

Fractology is the most advanced metaphysical course available today for the training of the conscious mind. It enables us to use our spiritual experiences to immensely benefit our physical experience in the unfoldment of our lives.

The fractal system enables us to move through all spaces, times, energies, dimensions, universes and levels of reality with certainty and purpose. It enables our mind to comprehend the infinite reaches of creation with a clarity and understanding never before achieved. Fractology is a major key to the evolution of consciousness.

With the step-by-step practice of Fractology training, we can all learn to perceive the fractal patterns underlying creation. Through this, our left and right brains can communicate like never before, and we begin to accept who We Truly Are. Fractology fosters creativity and integrity within ourselves, our society, and our world and within every situation and object with which we come in contact.


“When Catherine arrived for the workshop, we felt the presence of the goddesses. I saw clearly several figures preparing a whirlwind of light and colors, with the pure energy of peace, joy and love. I will never forget that feeling in my heart: strong and bold feminine beauty, colors in hues I had never seen and with a taste that now I identify with the taste of “caramel”. It was the first time that we have been in attendance of such a beautiful, dynamic group, with such a strong feminine energy.

Monica Castilho – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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