From Drought Disaster To Green Pasture

Through Fractology we understand the world is neither good nor bad, but has tremendous potential for either.

Which potential manifests depends on how each of us focuses our energies. While there is a lot to be concerned about on this planet, there is also much to be positive and happy about. Here we post some of those positive things which are happening, to assist us all to have a more positive focus and so create a more positive future.

Desertification is one of the greatest threats to the planet today, though largely overshadowed by climate change. Many people do not realise that most deserts have been created, in part of full, by man. There is some great work being done which is beginning the very necessary reversal of this disastrous process.

Peter Andrews is author of Back from the Brink and a Mudgee farmer. He has applied the principles of interdependency to the land to understand the roles of different plant species, especially those of weeds which we so often judge negatively.

He has developed a system using these different species of plants to keep the water within the soil. This has been the key to reversing much of the damage done to the Australian landscape by European farming methods.

He enables the natural relationship of all plants to the soil to keep water moving through the land. By doing so, he has turned many tracts of land from drought ridden disasters to green, productive, thriving landscapes. He has created the Natural Sequence Association to rehabilitate larger areas using his methods.

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  1. Thanks for sharing….you are the change we want in the world, and the change the world wants. Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. What we think about comes about. I sincerely appreciate the direction your work takes us!

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