From Dry Land To Wetland

Through Fractology we understand the world is neither good nor bad, but has tremendous potential for either.

Which potential manifest depends on how each of us focuses our energies? While there is a lot to be concerned about on this planet, there is also much to be positive and happy about. Here we post some of those positive things which are happening, to assist us all to have a more positive and so create a more positive future.

Contrary to the beliefs of many people, government often tend to follow what the populace do, rather than providing real leadership. They follow polls and often only take up initiatives once we have proved they’re workable and wanted. Interdependent people do not wait for government to ‘rescue’ them but figure out how to elegantly and effectively solve problems. For this reason we consider this a wonderful good news story of true leadership.

In Victoria, south of Mildura, is the Hattah Lakes. This is part of the Murray Darling basin wetlands; a significant area where a little help has a large impact.

This is especially true when we consider that 90% of the wetlands from this basin have been lost. The remainder are important drought refuges.

The Australian Conservation Foundation ran the Just Add Water Campaign rather than waiting for the government to do what’s needed. They received overwhelming support from the public, whom they asked to donate just $15 each, to enable them to buy 400 million litres of ‘irrigation’ water (twice as much as the original target) for release into the wetlands.

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