From Waste To Resource

Through Fractology we understand the world is neither good nor bad, but has tremendous potential for either.

Which potential manifest depends on how each of us focuses our energies? While there is a lot to be concerned about on this planet, there is also much to be positive and happy about. Here we post some of those positive things which are happening, to assist us all to have a more positive and so create a more positive future.

Every year about 20 billion old tyres end up in dumps and landfill. There is also a huge amount of other carbon rich polymer plastics which add to these dumps. Much of this plastic also ends up in the oceans and is becoming another huge issue. One woman has had the interdependent wisdom to see this as an opportunity, rather than the massive problem most of us understandably consider it.

Professor Veena Sahajwalla is an engineer. She was born in Mumbai, trained in Canada and USA and now works in Australia. She has found a way to use the carbon in these waste products to improve the iron extraction of electric arc furnaces.

Her process improves the efficiency of the process so much that the furnaces are able to reduce their power consumption by millions of kilowatts per year. This type of furnace produces about 30% of the world’s crude steel. The global application of her invention could see the recycling of many of the old tyres which are dumped each year.

We can’t applaud this kind of thinking enough. This type of wisdom, mixed with expertise, enables technology and the environment to live side by side.


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