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Are you suffering from a chronic illness with no clear idea of how to regain your health? Let fractal healing to take you to the next level.

Fractal healing is a leading-edge therapy pioneered by Fractology.

Expand into new health and well-being with a unique map to your own potential as perceived by a Fractologist.

Working with the fractal patterns that underlie all of creation enables us to develop our intuition to a highly advanced degree. A Fractology Practitioner is skilled in some of the most advanced esoteric healing and energetic healing techniques available today.  We can avail ourselves of these skills either through private sessions or through the healing courses of the Institute of Fractology.

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Fractologist Dr. Catherine Wilkins

  • Access powerful, effective answers and gain new clarity.
  • Use the fractal structure of the holographic Universe to align to your optimal self.
  • Attract greater wellbeing by resolving internal conflict and increasing life satisfaction.
  • Strengthen your vitality and health through targeted, practical know-how.
  • Attain the means to create an expansive future.

Unique solutions, aligned to your individual fractal pattern, create clarity with a clear path to your most vibrant future.  Fractology tunes into the pattern of your unique essence to provide relevant, effective and practical healing.

Fractal perception enables the Fractologist to use holographic techniques to quickly uncover, and resolve, the cause of dis-ease and the keys to the realisation of your true potential.

Using direct perception of the fractal structure of the Universe, Fractologists give you greater certainty in your path to wellbeing.

A professional level of training gives Fractologists an unprecedented level of skill in diagnosis and healing across all levels of existence.

A strong focus on practical solutions helps ensure maximum benefit for all clients.

Gain control over your life and the realisation of your desires with a consultation with a Fractologist.

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What’s Different About Fractology Healing?

The first thing you’ll notice about Fractology is its simplicity and precision.

The pattern-based approach of Fractology creates non-linear healing and transformation. Working consciously with the pattern-based logic of the right-brain gives Fractology a powerful truth and clarity. Your fractal pattern is holographic, so this work is holographic.

How Can Fractology Heal Me?

Fractology works directly with the patterns of your deepest self. In a world full of expectations and demands, stresses and judgements it is a sanctuary in which the real you is profoundly understood.

You have your own unique pattern or fractal that underlies your system and energy. When this pattern is clear and strong, your life is an experience of ease, grace and fulfilment – but if the pattern becomes broken or distorted your life is one of dis-ease, frustration and difficulty.

Fractology heals by restoring the patterns of Who You Truly Are.

Can I Use Fractology To Heal Myself?

Fractology is a system to transform your patterns to reflect Who You Truly Are. The more you are Who You Truly Are the more your life will be on of ease and grace, fulfilment and inspiration, clarity and truth, vitality and abundance, love and expansion.

The clearer you are on Who You Truly Are the easier it is to take the next step to be even more of Who You Truly Are. This means that yes, of course you can use Fractology to heal yourself as long as you’re clear on Who You Truly Are in the area in which you are seeking healing.

The best way to work on your self-healing, apart from receiving guidance from a Fractology Practitioner on what you need to do, is to work with the Soul Seat Trilogy. Click here for information on the Soul Seat Trilogy.

Will Fractology Work For Me?

Like gravity, you don’t have to know it or believe in it for it to work. Similarly, however, you won’t benefit from its full effects if you resist it.

Fractology does not require belief for it to work, but it does require that you’re open to the possibility of it working. Your Fractology Practitioner may ask you to do certain exercises or change your lifestyle in particular ways. If you are to receive the full benefits of Fractology it is important that you’re willing to do these things, for at least a trial period during which you can experience the benefits for yourself. You can discuss the length of an appropriate trial period for your situation with your Fractology Practitioner.

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