My Healing

Deep within our cellular make up and within each part of our energetic structure lies the resonance of which We Truly Are, our fractal pattern.

The more we connect to and operate from our true resonance the more open, expansive and vibrant we are, and our lives reflect this in its abundance.

We disconnect from who We Truly Are when we invalidate ourselves or accept the invalidation of others. In our attempts to be what others want us to be we can distort or even break our fractal pattern, with all the pain that brings. In crisis, we are often unable to focus on who We Truly Are, the key to our healing.

Yet our fractal pattern always contains within it the seed and pattern of our true consciousness. By restoring our broken fractal pattern, and releasing the causes of our self disconnection, our Fractology Practitioner assists us in the healing process. This is the key to our freedom, health, joy and abundance.

Practical exercises and completing necessary life lessons are part of this process.

“Catherine brought me a better understanding of my energetic field, how it was ruptured and that I was outside it, showing me the way back, so that I could rescue my real power of belonging.”

Maria Isabel Cavalheiro – Sao Paulo/Brazil

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