Ritual of Cleansing and Exchange

You have many patterns running through your subconscious which you can use to help yourself heal.  One such pattern is the Law of Exchange.  You may know it as ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

You may also know it because you don’t like to give up something until you have something to replace it with. That’s a normal pattern, and it’s the one we’re going to use here.

This is called a ritual but all that means is that you’re going to do something to demonstrate your intention to yourself. It’s like a living symbol, and the symbol directly impacts on your subconscious.  This ritual will help you focus on what you truly want, rather than staying stuck with what you don’t want.

For this ritual you will need:Tip: Put something aromatic in the water such as slices of citrus, rose petals or aromatherapy oil for added benefit.

Pen and paper

A lighted candle

A bowl of warm water and a washcloth.

A safe warm space

  1. Tear your paper in half from top to bottom. This will leave you with a left-hand-side piece of paper, and a right-hand-side piece of paper. The pattern of your mind is that the left represents the past, while the right represents the future.
  1. Write on the left-hand-side piece of paper up to (no more than) 5 things you wish to release. You can do this ritual as many times as you like.  No need to overload yourself and cause chaos.  You can grow with ease and grace.
  1. Write on the right-hand-side piece of paper write one (1) thing you wish to receive in exchange for each thing You’ll end up with an equal number of things on both bits of paper. This is what you want the energy of what you’re releasing to be recycled into.

    Write something appropriate, which doesn’t mean it has to be the opposite. For example, if you wish to release guilt you may wish to receive peace or serenity in exchange – or confidence or power.  Appropriate means it works for you and where you want to go.The most appropriate things to receive in exchange are the things which will help you be more of Who You Truly Are.  If you need clarity on what those things are then Soul Seat Awareness will assist you. If you would like to be clearer on Who You Truly Are then you’ll benefit from working with the Soul Seat Attunement.  If you’re blocking yourself from having those things that would serve Who You Truly Are or your purpose in this lifetime then the Soul Seat Connection will enable you to move past that.  The Soul Seat Trilogy is a powerful tool for building a life of true fulfilment for yourself.
  1. Once you have your lists the ritual is simple. If you want to dress it up, please do so. Just make sure you keep the essential elements, which is what we’ve listed here.  Now get undressed. This is required because this exercise involves a ritual washing. This is why you’ll want a safe, warm space.

    Tip: You can align the pattern of the world with what you’re doing by being mindful of your timing.If your primary intention is to release your left-hand column do this ritual on the waning moon or the dark of the moon.  This is the time when there is a general decrease in the flow of energies, which will support you in a release.If your primary intention is to create your right-hand column do this ritual on the waxing moon or full moon.  This is the time when there is a general increase in energies, which supports you in your creation.

  1. Burn the left-hand-side piece of paper.
  1. Wash yourself from top-to-toe focusing on your intention to release the old in exchange for the new. You can use the bowl and washcloth for a more concentrated focus, though washing yourself in the shower will also work, as long as you stay focused on your intention. Do this in a downwards direction as that is the general pattern of release for the body.Make sure you wash every bit of yourself, and especially any area that needs particular attention, such as over your heart for emotions or your third eye for perception, etc.
  1. Burn the right-hand-side piece of paper. Whatever you’ve asked to receive, the process of manifestation will begin.  You’re likely to feel the difference in your emotional or energetic state almost immediately, though physical changes may take longer.

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