Ritual to Release Karmic Ties

You have many patterns running through your subconscious which you can use to help yourself heal.  One such pattern is ‘actions speak louder than words’.  This is the pattern we make use of whenever we do a ritual.

A ritual is simply giving an action to your intention.  By acting it out you create an effective living symbol for yourself to help focus your energies. A living symbol directly impacts on your subconscious.  This ritual will help you move past places in your life in which you feel stuck.

Tip: This ritual is particularly beneficial if you want to release family patterns.

For this ritual you will need:

A clear idea of what karma, or stuck pattern, you want to release

A small period of time in which to do it on three consecutive nights (~ 5 minutes)

A point of focus, such as a place or person that anchors the stuck pattern for you

  1. Face whatever direction enables you to focus on the anchor to your stuck pattern.
  1. Imagine everything that is keeping you tied to this pattern in a pile at your feet.
    Tip:  Visualise it in any form that helps you release it, such as a pile of old ropes or maybe a pile of old leaves.
  1. Bend over and pick up the pile. Bring it to the level of your heart space.
  1. Powerfully thrust it towards the point that anchors your stuck pattern with the intention to give back any karma that isn’t appropriate for you.Appropriate to you means that it serves you or helps you become more of Who You Truly Are.  An example of that would be learning your own lessons or getting clearer on your own choices.  Anything inappropriate will make your path towards being Who You Truly Are and living a life in alignment with your essence much harder. An example of that would be anything you’ve taken on from someone else or giving yourself a hard time or forcing yourself to live according to expectations or rules which don’t support your true essence.In any moment, the most appropriate thing is whatever helps you be more of Who You Truly Are.  If you need clarity on what that is then Soul Seat Awareness will assist you. If you would like to be clearer on Who You Truly Are then you’ll benefit from working with the Soul Seat Attunement.  If you’re giving yourself an inappropriately hard time then the Soul Seat Connection will enable you to release whatever karmic ties are connected with that.  The Soul Seat Trilogy is a powerful tool for building a life of true fulfilment, ease and grace for yourself.
  1. Do this three times, one after the other, on each night for three nights. That is, do it three times in a row on the first night, then three times in a row on the second night and finally, three times in a row on the third night.
    Tip: You can align the pattern of the world with what you’re doing by doing this ritual either on the waning moon or the dark of the moon. This is the time when there is a general decrease in the flow of energies in the world. This will make it easier for you to release your karmic ties.

If you skip a night you will need to start again at the beginning.

You can do this again the following month if you feel there is still more to be released.

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