Soul Seat Healing Meditation

Heal Yourself by being Yourself

All the answers lie within, and so does all the healing. To support you all during this time we’ve made this meditation free for everyone until this passes.

The trick to both is knowing where to look inside for those answers. The main place to look inside is your soul seat. This is the centre of your connection to Who You Truly Are. It’s also a major point within your immune system. By empowering and strengthening your soul seat you’ll give yourself a major tool with which to heal yourself through strengthening your connection to Who You Truly Are.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, Who You Truly Are is perfect. The more you embody Who You Truly Are the more your life will reflect that perfection. You will still have human challenges to inspire you to grow, to exercise your strength and to apply your wisdom. That is part of life. The difference is in whether your challenges crush you or expand you.

Every healing challenge is an opportunity to expand, to realise more of Who You Truly Are and to step up to a wider version of your life. Make the most of this opportunity now with this meditation.

Are you wracked by conflict? or Are you lost in a lonely wilderness?

The Trilogy Pack Includes Awareness, Attunement & Connection Meditation Tracks.

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