Resonance and Covid 19: understanding energy and the virus


Ready people. So today’s video is pretty special. It’s actually part of the recent shooting day that we had, in which we were talking about the energy of the coronavirus. And what it is that we need to do to manage it energetically. This is a little bit of advanced work. So just listen to it, get out of it what you can. And particularly if you combine it with meditation video that I’ve got currently live streaming on the fractal ology website, I’ll put the link to that down below, then I think you’ll find that this will be really useful for you. But before we get into it, there is a term that I need to explain to you so that you can kind of get the most out of it. And that term is the word prime. That’s prime with an eye not not with a


it’s not a computer, what it is a prime, it’s actually a tiny, tiny little piece of protein in the body. Now, the reason why I want to talk to you about it is if you if you just rush off and look it up on the internet, you could scare yourself a little bit because it’ll talk mostly about mad cow disease. Let me explain. So in your body, you have DNA, which is your genes, and then the DNA makes RNA, which is just kind of like one stranded, and then the RNA makes the protein. So we know that there are viruses that for the DNA, they’re a little bit nasty. We know that there are viruses for that for the RNA like the coronavirus. The interesting thing is, is that we don’t really know a lot about prions just yet. But, you know, they do seem to be that we have if you like viruses, they’re on the proteins. And that’s a little bit what kind of like what prions are. So pronouns are kind of like little protein, telegrams that go from one cell to another. And they tell that cell kind of how to adjust the cell wall, so that it knows what to let into the cell and want to keep out of the cell. So in your own body, you have friendly prions in the same way as you have friendly bacteria in your gut, and you’ve got friendly bacteria actually, in your cells. That’s actually what your mitochondria are, are, they started life as a separate little bacteria long time ago. But so you also have friendly prions. But you know, that’s not surprising. I mean, we do actually, not all viruses are problematic. It’s one of the wonderful things about the fact that life is so interdependent is a number of life forms work together. In fact, 8% of your your genome 8% of your DNA actually started as a virus. So we know that, okay, we have friendly prions and friendly prions and the ones that help your whole body coordinate, know what to do know, if you like they set up the supply for yourselves. So just bearing that in mind, so that you’ve got a little bit of an idea of what that is. So without more ado, let’s let’s get into the student because watching some of my students there some of you know these students are all at different, different stages. Don’t worry, I’ve asked them all their permission, if they’re okay with the ones that appear on the video fair. Okay with that happening. So without more ado, watching them go through it, even though it’s a little bit more obviously advanced work, I think it will help you sort of understand that there is more that you can do about keeping yourself well and keeping yourself centred in this current state. So

let’s have a look. Generally, from a fractal ology point of view, you just want to find the resonance of this virus. I can show it to you Yes, it’s a little bit unpleasant. But I’m going to put it into your space and I want you to just do to begin with just do what you would do with any virus if you were thinking, which is just turn up your own resonance to the max. Okay, so whether you’re working with yourself a resonance, are you working with the fractal? Okay, so this is the resonance of the virus.


Right. Can you feel that? Obviously, Angela can but can you feel that Maria? Yeah. Yeah, Kristin can stop. Yeah. Okay. So just turn up your own resonance. Keep turning it off until you feel the viral resonance kind of back off.

doesn’t have a grip yet. So that’s my point was that it will work but you have to you have to have this absolutely ruthless determination that you’re you know that you your resonance is the only resonance that’s going to be in your space. So I noticed that to begin with, so I’ve been looking at it, it’s like, well, that’s a little bit of a sticky, icky thing. So I don’t know if any of you know what a pri en is,

doesn’t matter.

But a prion is, it’s kind of, it’s sort of, like, it’s the closest thing that your own body has to a virus without it being a virus. In so far as like a virus is really just a little piece of protein really. But it what it does is it gets into your cell, and it takes over the cells, metabolites metabolism to kind of make the cell make more of itself. You know, it’s that kind of narcissistic life form, in a sense. But your, your, your own cells, they create these funny little things called prions. And then I really understand them, you know, in medical science. But they are clearly very important in the way that some of the cells talk to some of the other cells. You know, they’re like, almost like little biochemical, you know,

they’re like little telegrams between the cells.

Okay, are you following me?

Right? Because what I’ve noticed is that what what happens with this, this virus is that it when it gets into yourselves, it actually affects the mitochondria in yourselves, which are the parts of ourselves that actually enable the cell to use oxygen. So this, this virus isn’t just affecting your lungs, it’s affecting your respiration right down to a cellular level. This is just what I’ve observed energetically. And so I was looking at it and it’s like, Okay, so, so that it sort of started to make sense about why people obviously go into the kind of respiratory distress that they get into because it’s like, if respiration isn’t working on a cellular level, as well as the macro level, well, then you’re in deep shit. However, I see in your body, just just like we can be codependent or interdependent. Your sales can be either codependent are interdependent, and that has got a lot to do with the communication between yourselves. So the prions in your body, these little sort of protein messenger things can either be primarily being produced by the effective healthy cells, okay, or they can be primarily being produced by, um, well, unhealthy cells, not not necessarily unhealthy as in their bad cells. But just like, for example, with my you know, I think most of you know that my gap has been a bit of an issue for me, it’s a bit of a weakness. So I’ve been playing with this with my gut, because with leaky gut, what actually happens from a prion point of view, is most of the prions around your gut are actually coming from, like white blood cells, like sort of a mean, you know, inflammatory cells in your gut. Whereas when you got really healthy, the prions are mostly coming from the cells that make up the gut wall. Does that make sense? Or if I lost you, anyway, don’t worry about it too much. What I want you to do is I want you to focus on right just just to start with just focus on your own body and focus on your own prions with the intention that your your prions are going to be really healthy and they’re going to support your body’s own internal interdependency. In other words, your intracellular inter dependency. Okay, good. Now make sure that your prions are also tuned up to your resonance.

Okay, good. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to put that horrible borrow residents back in your space. So And now what I want you to do is I want you to turn up your invite your own resonance again, but this time you turn up your own your own resonance, but also turn up the resonance of your own resonance in your prions. And what do you notice? He then made it? Yeah, he couldn’t grip. Oh, yeah, I see. Yeah. So that’s what I found. So if you pry onto you know, so yeah, basically, I mean, you can do it just that basic thing, but it takes out you know, it’s focused on intention. So it’s just obviously that general focus is not because this thing is a bit of a bagger. You need a more specific focus, but changing up your priority seems to do the trick. So awesome. Thank you. You’re welcome, mash. You’re very welcome to the

show. Have you enjoyed that insight into what about fractality training days, and I hope that what you learn today is going to help you stay well stay centred, stay brilliant during this very tricky time that we’re going through right now. So as always, you know, if you keep keep learning, keep working on being who you really are. You will as always choose to be brilliant.

This special video includes an extract from a Fractology Training day. It shares advanced and specific insights about how to work specifically with the resonance and energy of the Covid-19 virus. Fractology is the system of fractal resonance that creates consistent intuition and specific energetic awareness. It has many insights to offer, especially during this time.

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