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Catherine’s Preferred Links – The Fractal Universe

The links below will help you understand the patterned structure of our universe – fractals.

Benoit Mandelbrot

Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematician whose work led the world to a deeper understanding of fractals, a broad and powerful tool in the study of both nature and humanity.  Click on this link to share some of his thoughts.

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Health and Fractals

Click on this link for a tutorial on the connection between health and fractals, including how it affects your heartbeat and the way in which you walk.

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Carl Sagan – Fractal Universe

Carl Sagan touches on the possibility of a closed, fractal universe.  Click on this link to hear him explaining how, just as with any fractal, our universe is enfolded inside a larger universe, which is enfolded inside a larger one, and so on.

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Arthur C. Clarke – the Mandelbrot set

Arthur C. Clarke presents this hour-long, easy-to-follow documentary on the most famous of all fractals – the Mandelbrot set.  Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of the patterning of our lives and our world.

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Fractals in Nature

There are amazing fractals all around you in nature. It’s one of the reasons just being in nature helps you de-stress.  All those fractals, those rich patterns, help you release your left brain as your right brain takes over.  Click on this link to see a selection.

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Catherine’s Preferred Links – Pattern Based Thinking

Thinking and recognising the patterns of our lives and our world has huge advantages.  Click on the links below to understand some of the amazing ways this thinking is already being used for positive expansion.

The “Flynn effect”

It’s called the “Flynn effect” — the fact that each generation scores higher on an IQ test than the generation before it. Are we actually getting smarter, or just thinking differently? In this fast-paced spin through the cognitive history of the 20th century, moral philosopher James Flynn suggests that changes in the way we think have had surprising (and not always positive) consequences.

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Inspirational Leadership

Listen to the different pattern of thinking and operating that goes into inspirational leadership.

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Enduring Companies

Understand the patterns that lead to enduring companies and projects.

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Natural Patterns of Regeneration

Get to know the amazing system that’s already regenerated millions of hectares around the world, using the natural patterns of regeneration.  Please go to  to learn more.

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How Wolves Change Rivers

When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years the whole pattern of the environment was restored.  Once this living pattern was restored the whole environment came back into alignment and health.

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Catherine’s Preferred Links – Left and Right Brain

Click on the links below to learn more about the benefits, and importance, of working with your whole brain.

Tricks to How the Brain Works

Tricks to how the brain works.  Click to learn some things that’ll help you run this important organ better.

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7 Myths About Your Brain

Gain a bit of brain clarity by clicking here to clear 7 myths about your brain.

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What it’s Like to Have Dyslexia

If your brain doesn’t have a stable way to translate back and forth between your right and left brains you’re at risk of dyslexia.  Click on this link for an experience similar to what it’s like to have dyslexia.

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The Benefits for Children from Imaginary Friends

Having imaginary friends is a wonderful way to exercise your right brain.  For children, this has many benefits among which are increased creativity and social competence.

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The Benefits for Adults from Imaginary Friends

The benefits of imaginary friends – living with your creativity – still has huge benefits for us as adults. It also has special implications for anyone involved in artistic pursuits.  Click here to learn more about this way of finding balance between the two sides of our brain – creativity and application.

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The Impact of Imaginary Relationships

Our relationships impact us more the closer they are, whether they’re real or not. Our right-brain or imaginary relationships have a power to influence our lives in the way we choose – because we have greater ability to consciously choose them.

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