Have you ever wanted to develop your intuition but didn’t know how to get started? Then this book is for you.

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    Dr Catherine Wilkins

    Award Winning Author

Dr. Catherine Wilkins is widely respected as a healer’s healer. She’s the one other healers seek out to improve their techniques or to trouble-shoot their skills. For nearly thirty years she’s been perfecting and teaching her unique system of Fractology, facilitating clients and students in developing their own conscious intuitive logic, and balancing the left and right sides of their brain.

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This is a ‘how to’ book not only for beginners, but also for anyone who wants to ‘trouble shoot’ their psychic abilities.  This book will enable you to build stability, consistency and certainty into your intuition.  Each key is explained in a simple and clear way, with exercises in a different section so you can put your new understanding to immediate use.


The 5 keys are

  • Bioelectric flow

    is how energy flows through your system. By understanding the balanced way in which this flows you can create a stronger centre for yourself, as well as learn how to work with energy while still being grounded.

  • Biomagnetic fields

    is how you hold space and influence energy around you. By working to develop your own biomagnetic field you develop energetic strength, as well as a more powerful personal presence.

  • Holographic reality

    is the true reality of our universe. By aligning with this you create greater ease and grace in your life.

  • Fractal patterns

    are the underlying structure of the hologram. They give you a major key through which to understand and accurately interpret all that your intuition perceives.

  • Love

    is what we call the co-creative flow. Learn how to tap into this to fully activate your intuition and gain increased joy and fulfilment in your life.

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