Soul Seat Series 3: Connection

Are you lost in a lonely wilderness?

This is a lonely world. We feel isolated and alone in our trials. We feel alienated by those around us, by their misunderstanding and constant need when they seem incapable of appreciating us. Everywhere we turn we experience constant invalidation and the fear of rejection. It seems those few who find love are gifted with a luck we don’t have.

Without love we find it difficult to motivate ourselves, to keep going. In the face of our loneliness despair threatens to overwhelm us. We may even face dis-ease without love’s uplifting energies.

Do you despair of love?

We know instinctively our lives will be better when they are filled with love. Yet where do we find it? Love is not something that can be bought. Neither can it be forced. Our need for it is so great and yet it seems impossible to create.

Despair may appear to be the only option.

Yet love is our natural state. Surely there must be some way to access it.

Our soul seat is the door to love.

We have been told ‘all the answers lie within’. This is true though we need to know where to look. When we know how, our soul seat is the door to love.

Through the deep connection to who We Truly Are that is held within the soul seat we can access the state of pure unconditional love which is our true nature. We can access it reliably and consistently so that the energy of love becomes the foundation for our lives. We can step through the door of love into a new life.
Through The Work Of Fractology This Door Is Now Revealed. We Are Now Free To Access Love Whenever We Choose.

We are closer to love in every moment than we realise. Through the door of the soul seat love is always close to us. The Soul Seat Series 3: Connection shows us how to move through this door to a whole new state of Being. By using the door of the soul seat we can manifest love throughout our lives.

This is what Eva did. As a single woman who had looked for her ideal mate for many years she’d given up on ever finding her true partner in life. She did her best to focus on her work and her friends but the feeling of there being a huge hole in her life persisted. Her energy was closer to grief than love.

Although she’d done everything she knew to create a partner her energy was so far from a state of love it was clear why she hadn’t been able to connect on those deeper levels she craved. By working with her soul seat connection she rediscovered her own source of love. She was soon so much happier that a relationship seemed of far less importance. She no longer needed a relationship to complete her, though more fun was welcome. It was then her partner appeared.

Through connecting with her own source of unconditional love first she was able to manifest it in her life. Her soul seat connection gave her the energy to create greater abundance in many ways.

Find Your Own Guidance Now.

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