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2011: The Year of Powerful Expansion

The ninth Wesak focused on the pioneering attitude as we experienced moving into the wholly new, unknown territory of our collective consciousness based on interdependency. The historic village of Hartley Vale was wonderful for this.

As the new resonance that arrived on the planet in 2010 is moving more deeply into the planet it is having a powerful effect on our collective consciousness. Whereas the old energy had survival as the highest priority, which lent itself to code dependency, the new resonance has cooperation

as its highest priority. The new resonance supports interdependency.

Each year is a powerful initiation, and this year was more powerful than usual. It shifted the consciousness gears of all those involved. Our minds and subconscious have been constructed using our code dependency conditioning.

This Wesak shifted us into a higher creative gear as this construction was shifted to affect the new interdependency moving into the collective consciousness. Not only did this enable us to ground the shift that is coming for the collective consciousness; it enabled each one of us to open to the greater opportunities that interdependency offers. In this way, we have opened our futures up to a greater expansive realization of our dreams.

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2010 The Year of New Energy

The eighth Wesak retreat was spent in the tropical delights of the isle of Pines, a southern island of New Caledonia. Far out in the Eastern Australian Current this was a perfect place to experience the arrival of the new interdependent resonance.

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2009: The Year of the Ancestors

During the seventh Wesak we were privileged to hold it in the Whakato marae near Gisborne, New Zealand. The powerful energies of this place and its ancestral culture enabled us to work with the energies of our inherited family patterns.

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2008: The Year of the Dark

The sixth Wesak retreat led us to Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia. This whole Island is enclosed in a vortex. Here we faced the dark of the void, the source of all things. We moved past our fears to access the power beyond.

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2007: The Year of Grace

The fifth Wesak was held in the beautiful Blue Mountains. We learnt to walk through this amazing environment while being in touch with the spiritual, walking in the world and the otherworld simultaneously. This is the essence of Grace.

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2006: The Year of The Turning

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For the fourth Wesak retreat we journeyed to the stone circle of Avebury village in England. Here the connections to the galactic grid are very strong. We strengthened these connections, expanding our energy to return to Universe.

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2003: The Year of New Cycles

The first Wesak retreat was held in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, near the Aboriginal sacred space of Mount Warning. Here there is a great upwelling of yin or feminine energy, which is fuelling the new cycles to come. We opened the door.