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2017: The Year of New Realities

SpaceIn 2017 we’re going to be holding another Wesak retreat.  This is to mark the upturn in the energy trend we’ve been experiencing over the last few years.

We spoke about that trend in the post A while longer . . .

If you haven’t read that post yet, it would be good to do it now.

In 2017 we’ll be moving into new realities.  At that time the co-creative, interdependent energies will begin to grow stronger.  With this energy we will be able to finally truly begin to manifest into the physical the new realities we have all been working towards for so long.

We will be holding the Wesak retreat in Ankhor Wat, as we spoke about in an earlier post.  The retreat will be from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May.  We are looking to finalise details over the next few months.

If you want to look into travel plans for yourself, the closest place to the temples is Siem Reap.  Unfortunately this is not the best time of the year to visit this place as it is the beginning of the rainy season.  However, this is the time when the energy is on the turn so this is when we are going.

The rainy season can be a dramatic time, but the weather can be hot so we will be looking to stay at a place with air conditioning and a generator as there are, apparently, often black outs at this time of the year with everyone using the air conditioning.  On the plus side, there will hopefully be fewer other visitors this time of the year.



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Angkor Wat

Angkor WatI first began the Wesak retreats in 2003.  The purposes of the retreats in those days was to support the evolution of the collective consciousness in its shift from codependency to interdependency.  We knew, at the time, that a huge shift was due to take place in 2012 and we were working to hold space to enable this shift to be as easy and graceful as possible.  Since then we have not held another retreat, though we are pleased to support those who have held retreats of their own at the appropriate time.

Since 2012 the energy that has been coming into the planet during the Wesak period has been more about increasing our awareness of interdependency and the skills involved.  The qualitative shift that is required in moving from a right / wrong perspective to one where everything is understood to serve in one context or another is part of the reason why there has been a lot of confusion around in the last few years.  Whenever we learn something new we go through a period of confusion until the new skill begins to make sense to us.  This is where we are at currently.

I’m sorry if you haven’t been enjoying it.  I confess I haven’t found it all that comfortable myself.  There is good news and bad news, which happens to be the same news; this period of confusion is not due to finish until around Wesak in 2017.  Which is good or bad depending on how you’re feeling about the current confusion and continuing to deal with it for a while longer.

Here at Fractology we are aware that Wesak in 2017 will be significant as a consequence.  We are considering holding a retreat again during that year.  Our current thought is to hold it in Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, which is a powerful site of sacred geometries with deep connections on many levels.  We will give you more details as they come to hand.

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My Wesak

Wesak is the start of the spiritual year when spiritual powers concerned with the evolution of our planet come together on the astral. It sets the energetic tone for the coming year.

By participating in our yearly retreat, which happens each year at the first new moon in May, you will be assisting yourself to achieve the greatest possible benefit from each year’s energy, opening yourself to initiation of the next level and assisting the collective consciousness to take the next step. This is a powerful, experiential weekend not to be missed.

If you have not been before, come for the experience. If you have been before, each year’s initiation builds exponentially on the previous year’s as we all move towards greater love, life and abundance.


“Catherine Wilkins is a skilled practitioner working at the leading edge of modern psychic healing. Her undoubted psychic gifts and a solid medical and metaphysical understanding of illness and the body enables her to work uniquely with healing energies. The practice she has pioneered has taken healing beyond the usual limitations of traditional physical as well as the more esoteric psychic healing into a new realm. In her roles as a healer, teacher and author she is making a major contribution to the healing arts and sciences.”

Dr Robert Proctor MD South Yarra, Vic.


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2012: The year of Absolute Release Report

2012: The Year of Absolute Release Wesak Retreat Details

The ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) was a success. We each had our own canvas cabin which was a huge assistance in the work we were doing. The food was excellent and the participants, including our guide and chef, were wonderful. We spent the week eating, walking in amazing country, journeying in our meditations and being light about limitations. I think most of us have never laughed so loudly, consistently and so long. More than once my ribs were hurting from the hilarity.

This, of course, is the best way to release. As the theme for this year and the energy we are moving we all felt it intensely. Each of us, at different times and in our own way, was given an opportunity to become clearer around codependent games. The Universe was certainly mixing it up for us in its effort to assist us to move on to interdependency. The energies of Uluru and Kata tjuta deepened the process for us.

I was so proud watching as we all hit our resistance. Recognized it, released it and move on. We all moved light-years. This is true of any Wesak but these shifts seemed deeper and more profound. Whether this is the energy of this extraordinary space or the vibrations of this year, much was asked of each of our souls. As a preview of the year to come I can only say we are all looking forward to a year of profound insight and laughter.

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2012: The Year of Absolute Release

2012: The Year of Absolute Release – Thursday 17th – Wednesday 23rd May

This was always going to be a year of tremendous change. The retreat certainly demonstrated that. It was a week of brilliance and laughter. Each of us got to observe our remaining codependences and limitations and make profound insights and choices for ourselves. The lightness and grace that flowed as result was a steady stream of joy.

In this the year of Absolute Release the energies of the red centre were a tremendous support. We were privileged to be able to meditate in the teaching energies of this sacred

landscape and each of us felt our souls touched deeply. We also got to experience how light and graceful the changes can come when we release all of our resistance.

The changes were profound. Reflected strongly in the group we witnessed a flowering of interdependency within the collective consciousness. We know now the choices we need to make to keep the path light and graceful.

With release the insights and changes came effortlessly. As this is the last retreat I will be running I was overjoyed to watch the wisdom and maturity present in each person who enabled them to connect more deeply to themselves as each expansion was called for. We all look forward to next year and the Year of Joining which will be run by Estelle Cainey (currently undertaking her Fractology Master Training) in the top end ofNew Zealand.

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2011: The Year of Powerful Expansion

The ninth Wesak focused on the pioneering attitude as we experienced moving into the wholly new, unknown territory of our collective consciousness based on interdependency. The historic village of Hartley Vale was wonderful for this.

As the new resonance that arrived on the planet in 2010 is moving more deeply into the planet it is having a powerful effect on our collective consciousness. Whereas the old energy had survival as the highest priority, which lent itself to code dependency, the new resonance has cooperation

as its highest priority. The new resonance supports interdependency.

Each year is a powerful initiation, and this year was more powerful than usual. It shifted the consciousness gears of all those involved. Our minds and subconscious have been constructed using our code dependency conditioning.

This Wesak shifted us into a higher creative gear as this construction was shifted to affect the new interdependency moving into the collective consciousness. Not only did this enable us to ground the shift that is coming for the collective consciousness; it enabled each one of us to open to the greater opportunities that interdependency offers. In this way, we have opened our futures up to a greater expansive realization of our dreams.

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2010 The Year of New Energy

The eighth Wesak retreat was spent in the tropical delights of the isle of Pines, a southern island of New Caledonia. Far out in the Eastern Australian Current this was a perfect place to experience the arrival of the new interdependent resonance.

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2009: The Year of the Ancestors

During the seventh Wesak we were privileged to hold it in the Whakato marae near Gisborne, New Zealand. The powerful energies of this place and its ancestral culture enabled us to work with the energies of our inherited family patterns.

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2008: The Year of the Dark

The sixth Wesak retreat led us to Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia. This whole Island is enclosed in a vortex. Here we faced the dark of the void, the source of all things. We moved past our fears to access the power beyond.

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2007: The Year of Grace

The fifth Wesak was held in the beautiful Blue Mountains. We learnt to walk through this amazing environment while being in touch with the spiritual, walking in the world and the otherworld simultaneously. This is the essence of Grace.

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2006: The Year of The Turning

wesak3   wesak-3
For the fourth Wesak retreat we journeyed to the stone circle of Avebury village in England. Here the connections to the galactic grid are very strong. We strengthened these connections, expanding our energy to return to Universe.

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2003: The Year of New Cycles

The first Wesak retreat was held in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, near the Aboriginal sacred space of Mount Warning. Here there is a great upwelling of yin or feminine energy, which is fuelling the new cycles to come. We opened the door.