Experiencing The Hologram


Do the confines of your life hit you hard?

Our human lives are very restricted. There are so many things we have to take care of, day after day, after day, and yet so many of them are all the same.

We walk the same path over and over again. Our lives become narrower and narrower with each passing day as we do our best within the strict confines of our limitations.

Every day financial, health, relationship or career pressures press us into ever more confined spaces as we exist from one limited moment to the next. The internal yearning to know more, to be more, never completely leaves us yet we daren’t hope for a larger life.

We know we’re more than the limited life we’re leading. We need to reach more, experience more. Every day our lives get smaller and smaller as we focus more and more on what needs to be done while the stress our soul feels increases as it cries out for more.

Does your soul cry out for more?

Our lives feel so small while the world around us is expanding into ever greater possibilities. New technology is making our lives increasingly convenient, yet it seems every innovation only creates more pressure to do more in the same narrow zone as always. We may be doing it in new ways but we continue to do the same old things.

Science is making new discoveries about the vastness of reality, about the dawn of our cosmos and the power in the smallest atom. Science draws ever closed to understanding the holographic nature of creation, something our souls know intuitively.

When we experience the hologram for ourselves our lives expand beyond all limits.

Life is vaster than we know.

Our soul, who We Truly Are, is vast and infinite, like the hologram itself. By opening the door to experiencing the hologram, we open our lives to expand into the world and our existence as it truly is, infinite and vast.

As we experience the hologram our ability to expand our own lives, to connect with and make the most of opportunities on all levels of our lives increases. All changes start within our own awareness and becoming aware of the hologram is one of the most expansive changes we can make.

When Ned first came to Fractology he was completely bored with his life. He’d worked in the job his parents had expected him to have most of his life and he was being crushed by the dullness of it and the lack of meaning in his life. As his understanding of the hologram grew, along with his experiences within it, his excitement for life also grew. He’s now revitalised, and surprising new career opportunities are finding him. He knows now he can create his life on his own terms.

Expand your life now.

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