Inaugural Fractology Summit 2012


Is Fractology a mystery to you?

Do you, like many other people, find Fractology fascinating and yet mysterious? Is it something you’d like to learn more about but you’re not sure how?

Fractology is at the forefront of leading developments in science and metaphysics. It incorporates leading-edge concepts and highly advanced energetic skills and awareness. It holds insights and advantages for all of us but we’re not all sure how to access them.

Would you like a sneak-peak into the world of Fractology?

Fractology Practitioners are some of the most skilled metaphysical healers on the planet today. They have intuitive and energetic skills which can work in any time or place. They can maintain their space and improve their energy and the energy of others regardless of what is happening around them. And they can do all of this with conscious awareness so it is something they can do over and over again.

It takes many years to develop this high level of skill, but you can now take a sneak-peak into the world of a Fractology Practitioner.

You can listen in on one of the rare gatherings of Fractology.

In 2012 the Inaugural Fractology Summit took place. You’re now invited to take a seat and join in. Listen in to the Opening Address and you’ll receive insights into the benefits of Fractology, not just for practitioners but for the world.

Practitioners from around the world.

When Jacqui became interested in Fractology she was still focused on her career. She wanted to develop her intuition to a highly advanced level and the skills of a Fractology Practitioner attracted her. She was excited to experience how her consciousness opened up. The skills she learned expanded all her old skills, and yet added many more. She was able to apply what she learned not only to her own healing, and healing others, but also to her career. Her life was expanded beyond what she had dreamed was possible.

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