The Importance of Being Happy


Does depression get you down?

Life often seems to be one challenge after another. No sooner do we get one problem sorted than the next one comes along. It feels like we are constantly battling to make little or no headway. When this is our experience it is no wonder it seems easier to feel depressed than to feel happy.

When we consider the world around us does it appear as though there are more people in a positive emotional state?. Or more people in a negative emotional state?. It’s unfortunate but there is more sadness, grief, depression, anxiety, anger, fear and upset in the world than there is happiness. Looking around us it may seem that happiness is impossible to achieve. It’s enough to get you even more depressed.

Especially when we consider the effects of being happy compared to the effects of being depressed. Many studies have shown the health benefits of happiness, and the health-risks of depression. But it goes even further than this.

Is anxiety risking your future?

Our emotions are a large factor in how we manifest our lives and our future. In many ways, we create our world from our emotions. There is energy in our emotions. Each emotion has a different vibration and this vibration attracts more of itself to us.

So if we are feeling happy we get more stuff that makes us happy. But if we are depressed, which is all too likely, we will get even more things to be depressed about.

The good news is that it is possible to learn how to be happy. Not just for now, not just for this moment, but for the rest of our lives. Every passing year can now be happier than the one before.

Happiness is a skill like any other.

Happiness is a skill like any other and so, just like any skill, it can be learned. All we need to know is how and Fractology shows us how.

Through understanding The Importance of Being Happy we’ve already taken our first step in developing this skill and making all our futures brighter.

This is what Jordan did. Having been through some very stressful experiences in her life she was prone to depression and anxiety. She was afraid that her anxiety was creating even further bad energy and then worrying about that. She was trapped in an endless cycle of negative emotions. By working on the skill of happiness she was able to turn this around. Now she knows she can be just as happy as she wants to be. She is happier in herself and that is flowing on to her family. With the energy of happiness she is now able to make the most of the positive opportunities coming to her.

Find your own happiness now.

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