Inhabiting Our Heart


Is your closed heart denying you love and life?

In this painful world in which we live it is unfortunately sensible to keep our hearts closed. Yet when we do we cut ourselves off from the flow of love and energy from the Universe. With a closed heart-space we are unable to allow ourselves to be supported by the unconditional love flowing to us every moment and so our lives end up destitute, dry of all joy and denied the energy which would feed us and enable us to achieve our potential.

With a closed heart we deny ourselves love, both the receiving and the giving of it. Our lives are made vastly poorer because of it.

We close our heart to keep ourselves safe, to save ourselves from feeling the pain and grief, the fear and anger, the despair and anxiety in the world. Yet by doing so we condemn ourselves to also not feeling love and joy, happiness and inspiration, fulfillment and bliss.

Is opening your heart too painful?

Yet how can we open our hearts when by doing so we seem to only feel pain? When opening our hearts gets us into trouble it is only sensible to not trust our hearts.

Unfortunately for many of us our hearts received poor training. Our conditioning has left us more sensitive to negative emotions than to positive ones, so when we open our hearts that is what we feel.

We need a reliable and safe way to retrain our hearts, to condition our hearts to feeling love and joy and to keep on the positive side of our emotions.

When our hearts work properly they are set to unconditional love.

Our Hearts Are Meant To Operate From Unconditional Love. If They Don’t, It’s Because They’ve Forgotten. We Need To Remind Our Hearts Of Their True Purpose.

Fractology shows us how to do this. Retraining our hearts is simple, though, like all training, it takes practice. By understanding how to focus our hearts on unconditional love we can ‘set’ them the way they are meant to be so that once again we can live from a place of Inhabiting Our Hearts.

This is what Jane did. She’s a highly intelligent woman who had learned to rely on her mind and ignore her heart. As a consequence she was aware of how things were meant to work and was successful in many ways but her life felt increasingly difficult. She felt alone and unsupported, and that she had to continually force herself harder and harder to achieve less and less. She desperately wanted to feel love in her life but whenever she opened her heart she felt only pain. Once she learned how to inhabit her own heart, to ‘set’ it correctly, she was able to open her heart and feel joy and love. Her life grew easier and she was, finally, able to feel the joy of her successes.

Open your heart in joy and love now.

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