Our Soul’s Pattern


Is your world closing around you?

There is so much in life we don’t understand. Just managing our day to day lives can often seem confusing and complicated. We have so much to handle and get through it feels as though we can’t possibly take on anything more. Stress causes us to focus more and more tightly upon the details of our lives.

With all the pressures upon us it is understandable when we withdraw more and more into ourselves. It feels impossible for us to handle one more thing so instead we do our bests to close off to all the distractions, and keep only the most essential things.

Every stress response sees us narrow our lives just that little bit more. We do our best to avoid hearing things or feeling things which are painful to us. Our world closes in on us more and more every day.

Is lack of understanding keeping tight limits on your life?

Yet how can we expand our lives when we can barely manage the ones we already have?  Widening our vision and our lives will surely only give us more stress.

Unfortunately what many of us understand of our lives is almost set-up to create stress and anxiety. Our schooling has left us bewildered and without information on the most important subject of all – how to live our lives in a way that works for us and supports who We Truly Are.

We need better understanding if we are to not only expand our lives, but do it in a way which supports us, and creates more abundance, joy, health and love in our lives.

When We Understand How Psychic Abilities Actually Work We’re Able To Open Up To A World Of Wonder, Inspiration And Expansion.

Our lives are meant to be experiences of expansion, love and wonder. There will always be challenges, of course, but they are meant as calls to a wider life. Without true understanding, however, we will not be able to answer that call effectively.

Fractology gives us insight into the workings of the Universe, both scientifically and spiritually. With true understanding we are more easily and gracefully able to step into our wider lives. Knowing Our Soul’s Pattern opens doors for us to co-create our lives with the forces which underpin the whole of creation.

This is what Annie did. When she first came to us she was suffering from post traumatic stress. Even the smallest pressure caused her to cave in on herself and feel like her whole world was collapsing. She was so focused on her stress and its causes there seemed to be nothing else in her life. She existed, but was hardly living. She wanted to feel alive again, to be unafraid and be able to embrace whatever opportunities came to her.

By understanding how her soul was patterned, and how it spoke to her through her psychic or intuitive abilities, she was able to cooperate with the Universe and her soul. Understanding the patterning of creation enabled her to move forward with confidence. She became a powerful co-creator of her life. Her life is now full of ease and abundance. Challenges remain but they are positive ones now, which she embraces with joy, feeling the stirrings of her soul.

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