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Soul Seat Series 2: Attunement

Soul Seat Series 2: Attunement


Heal your conflict and dis-ease. Access your soul’s attunement now. (Meditation Track)

Are you wracked by conflict?

Our world seems designed for conflict. Every day we witness it all around us, from road rage to endless war, from financial crises to environmental disasters. We also experience it closer to home, within our own lives and relationships.

We also feel it within us every time we make ourselves do something we are told is ‘right’ or ‘good’ but isn’t our thing to do. The world creates conflict not only externally but also internally. Every day pressures mount within us so we feel driven to do things which lie outside of our integrity.

It feels like a lose:lose scenario. If we don’t step outside our integrity we feel we will lose financially or in our career or relationships, yet if we do we lose our sense of peace and our sense of self along with it.

Is conflict creating your dis-ease?

This internal state of conflict exerts a heavy toll on us. It is a constant source of stress. It drains us as we are forced to use what energy we have to compensate for the stress. It can disturb our sleep and create tension patterns in our bodies and our lives. It even results in dis-ease, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The more internal conflict we endure the more dis-ease we experience. This will be reflected in the strife we experience in all areas our lives. It costs us financially, and in our health and relationships. It causes us to lose time and time again.

We need to attune our lives and our energy so this conflict is released.

Personal attunement will heal your conflict and disease.

In order to resolve our internal conflict we need to tune ourselves to the one frequency in which we are always and eternally at peace. This frequency is unique to each of us for it is the resonance of our soul.

This is a resonance which is always vibrating within us. It is the resonance of our deepest desires and most joyous loves. It is the resonance which we all instinctively know, though we may call it inspiration or exhilaration. We’ve all felt it in sacred and special moments. It is simply a matter of learning how to remain attuned to it moment by moment.

The Clarity And Simplicity Of Fractology Shows Us How To Attune Ourselves.

Deep Within Our Soul Seat Lies The Clear, Strong Signal Which Is The Resonance Of Our Soul.

The Soul Seat Series 2: Attunement takes us deeper into self-certainty and awareness and shows us how to relieve the source of all our stress.

This is what Harry did. He seemed to have everything; a successful career and a happy home-life but he was being torn apart inside. Stress was causing him to slowly lose everything he had gained. He’d done so many ‘good’ things but they hadn’t always been ‘Harry things’ and he was suffering from internal conflict.

He had an enormous amount of tension in his body that was slowly tearing him apart. Through learning to attune his soul seat, and through that his energy, his body and his life, he was able to release all the tension.

He found ways he could succeed while remaining in tune with himself. Even more, he found he was able to work in such a way as to increase his state of peace and ease in his life. His life is no longer a source of stress. He’s now able to enjoy what he’s created.

Find you attunement now.

Download Soul Seat Series 2: Attunement to discover more.

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