Fractology Master Training

The world’s #1 training for your intuition.

What are the benefits of the Fractology Master Practitioner Training?

  • You will expand your Fractology skills
  • you will perceive how others are working with the fractal
  • you will develop powerful co-creative skills
  • you will be able to train others in the fractal system
  • you will work directly with the integrity of the holographic system

What happens during the Fractology Practitioner Training?

There are two steps during the training that we strongly urge you to complete face-to-face.  The first of these is the shift in consciousness that occurs in the middle of the training.  This enables your holographic awareness to become stable.  The second is final assessment and graduation.

During your training you will be given continuous support and feedback from your tutor.  All questions will be answered and suggestions taken. Each unit fee includes as much time as each student requires with a Master Practitioner to complete the unit.

What are the 9 Steps of the Fractology Practitioner Training?

1st Phase:   Stability – creates a stable foundation for your intuitive mastery.

Step 1: Cycles and completion.
Examine nature’s most basic pattern, the cycle, and how your intuition follows this pattern. Use this to gain greater stability in your emotions and energy. Learn to complete each cycle in a way that builds momentum and expansion.

Step 2: Balance.
Use the second of nature’s patterns, balance, to create a stronger energetic flow for yourself, as well as increased ease and grace in your life.

Step 3: Self referencing resonance.
Discover your own unique resonance and learn how to use this for increased peace and strength, authenticity and fulfilment in life.

2nd Phase: Strength – increases energetic strength and fitness.

Step 4: Coherent energy.
Discover why lasers are so powerful and create this same focus in your own energy for increased personal power and effectiveness.  This self-tuning is a huge step forward in your ability to self-heal.

Step 5:  Resonant vocabulary.
Learn the different characteristics of energy waves and use them to learn how you can develop a resonant vocabulary to read energy as easily as you’re reading the words on this page.

Step 6: Space pushups
Explore the nature of our holographic universe and electromagnetic fields.  Learn to expand your energetic space to one just as vast for a more complete connection to the whole of creation.

3rd Phase: Sovereignty – live life as an expression of your own essence.

Step 7: Fractal perception
Discover the patterned structure, called a fractal, which underlies the whole of reality. Learn how to perceive this structure and how to use it for greater healing, manifestation and expansion in your life.

Step 8: Operating interdependently
Examine the differences between personal creation and cooperative co-creation. Discover how these are linked to the harmonic between different people’s resonance.  Develop pattern-based logic for a whole new way of thinking.

Step 9: Operating the fractal system
Experience how you can use your fractal perception to create profound healing, for yourself and others, transform your life and world, expand the opportunities in your work and personal life, and otherwise realise your potential on all levels.

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