My Psychic Self

We are all psychic, though we are not all aware of it. Psychic ability is a skill like any other. We all have it when we operate as a spirit, rather than as a body.

Like any skill, It requires some knowledge and a lot of practice. It is possible for any of us who choose, and is willing to practice, to learn to work with energy and their intuition in a specific, tangible, consistent and reliable way. This could be your skill, if you choose to experience yourself not just as a body but as a spirit.

Our fractal pattern enables us to interpret and work with the spiritual in an effective and consistent way which produces true results.

Most of us are already operating psychically, but many of us don’t realise it. We are all more affected by the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others than we realise. The step-by-step training of Fractology assists us all to turn this liability into a powerful ability. With the mastery of Fractology we can create tremendous, grounded, practical benefits in our own life, and the lives of others.


“The principles Catherine applies in Fractology give extraordinary accurate diagnosis, and deeply effective results. There is something pretty impressive about Catherine’s work.”

NR, Adelaide, SA

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