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The Soul’s Brain

Read this to learn the nine necessary steps to master your intuition, the key to creating a life of brilliance and fulfilment for yourself.

Manual For The Mind

Build stability, consistency and certainty into your intuition. Available in hard-copy only (shipping costs incurred).

7 Keys to Authentic Power

Do you feel blocked from what you want in life? Stuck in a place without achievement or happiness?


Soul Seat Series 1: Awareness

Does Internal Conflict Threaten Your Life? Is Tension Driving You Wild?

Soul Seat Series 2: Attunement

Heal your conflict and dis-ease. Access your soul’s attunement now. (Meditation Track)

Soul Seat Series 3: Connection

Say goodbye to loneliness. Open your own door to love now. (Meditation Track)

Soul Seat Series: Trilogy Pack

Free Yourself From Despair And Uncertainty. Plumb The Well Of Your Power And Joy Now. (All Three Meditation Tracks)

Soul Seat Healing Meditation

Healing is possible with a little support. We’ve made this meditation free for you during this time to enable you to get the support you need.


Co-Creative Manifestation

Access the co-creative power to manifest all your desires in alignment with your authenticity – and do it in such a way everyone else will want to support your expansion! In this new and exciting Fractology meditation you’ll experience the joy and ease of manifesting what you want through the co-creative flow.

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