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Fractology sessions are available through:

  • The Institute of Fractology – Katoomba, Blue Mountains
  • Lilyfield Psychotherapy Centre – Lilyfield, Sydney
  • Distant healing (spiritual or energy healing courses available in self-directed formats).


The first thing you’ll notice about Fractology is its simplicity and precision.

The pattern-based approach of Fractology creates non-linear healing and transformation. Working consciously with the pattern-based logic of the right-brain gives Fractology a powerful truth and clarity. Your fractal pattern is holographic, so this work is holographic.


You learned left-brain logic when you were at school. This is the linear logic that tells you 1+1 = 2, 1+2 = 3, and so on. Your left brain uses details. Little by little it builds up small bits of data to get an idea of the whole.

Your right brain works in exactly the opposite way. Right-brained or intuitive logic is pattern-based. It grasps the entire pattern at once, then goes deeper to find what is aligned to the pattern, and what isn’t.

Look at a tree and you’ll find the bits that don’t match the overall pattern—the broken branch or tangle of mistletoe. You’ll also perceive which other trees have the matching patterns.

Fractology can teach you pattern-based logic along with all the other necessary skills to develop self-awareness, intuition and energetic mastery.  This will show you how to create a fulfilling, authentic life for yourself.


Yes, intuition is like any other skill. There are principles involved that you need to learn, and the more you practice the better you'll get. You just need to know what to practice.


Learning how to stabilise, strengthen and work with the patterns of your own life, and of the world around you, will give you control over your own life and what happens to you. With the self-awareness that comes with learning Fractology principles you are no longer a victim of circumstances but can create a path for yourself to your own clarity and understanding.

You will develop certainty in your own insight and no longer have to depend on other people’s, thus you will have greater personal power in all aspects of your life and relationships.

Professional Development

Doing the reviews – you get to experience a practical example – reading the pattern / fractal – everything is consistent and congruent

You get to develop an accuracy and precision of intuitive work, along with strong, stable and clear energy.  You’re able to work with your intuition in a way that has practical effects that can be demonstrated on a consistent basis.

Practitioner Training

The training consists of 9 units steps, each of which is completed through a series of lessons. Each lesson comes with all the information, processes, exercises, directions and guides to extra reading you need to complete it. Some lessons will ask you to submit your work for feedback, others require a review by a Master Practitioner if you wish it to count towards course credit. Some lessons require direct contact with a Master Practitioner to ensure your complete understanding. You may do the early lessons without a review, if you choose, but they won’t then give you credit towards your Practitioner Certification. Some lessons can only be accessed once foundational lessons have been completed.

There are two steps during the training that we strongly urge you to complete face-to-face.  The first of these is the shift in consciousness that occurs in the middle of the training.  This enables your holographic awareness to become stable.  The second is final assessment and graduation.

During your training you will be able to access support and feedback from your Master Practitioner.  All questions will be answered and suggestions taken.

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