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I was referred to Dr Catherine Wilkins by one of my best friends who saw that my life circumstance at the time was causing me great pain. It was the greatest gift and advice that anyone has given me in my life and still is to this day.

I was at a place where my career was going nowhere and my own business was barely afloat, I had no assets, I was broke, living hand to mouth and my marriage had fallen apart after my wife’s treatment for breast Cancer 7 years earlier. We had visited 4 traditional councillor with zero success, I had 4 daughters from 8-16 years of age, that were struggling with the dysfunction of their parents and I had no immediate solution.

Once I started to see Catherine, It took some time for me to stop fighting and to begin to actually listen and start to receive the wisdom she was offering. She not only showed me a different reality or perspective on life, she ultimately provided me with a set of emotional practical and highly effective tools that I still use every single day.

As I began to understand the emotional relationship model that most people live in, and that there was another choice, hope sprung and things began to change within me. For the first time I could see my role in the complete dysfunction of my life and the choices I had made to get me there and importantly the reason why I made them. This realisation was a life defining moment, for I realise I had a choice to keep the same patterns or to choose to learn new patterns and change the results in my life. I will never forget that day and the impact it had on me and continues to have on me every single day since.

From this point we not only continued expanding a practical set of life tools in all aspects of life from healthy relationship model, financial models at home and in business and their habits, business philosophies and systems, to name but a few, but we also began to explore the bodies energy centres and begin a healing process that reach depth from within me that I did not know I had. In the process we began the healing and forgiveness of the most important relationship of all- the one I had with myself, my inner child, my teenage self and me as an adult. This process allow an acceptance and inner healing and peace that I thought was not possible and is a gift I treasure every day still.

If you are considering beginning to explore Catherine work be warned it’s not for wimps, you will need to put on your big girl or boy pants! Her work is unconventional compare to current society standing, however highly effective and no doubt will become the norm as time moves forward. It reached deep truths within me and activate an energy and consciousness awareness of my own bod, mind, and spirit that allows me to engage in my environment for optimal results in all areas of my life.

This is a journey that I will be internally grateful for and encourage you to take with my whole heart.

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This is a journey that I will be internally grateful for and encourage you to take with my whole heart.

James Ferguson


RubySpur Marketing

I came because I felt 'stuck'.  No matter how hard I tried, how many hours I worked, books I read, courses I attended nothing was shifting in my ability to grow my business at the scale I was longing for.

Since working with Dr Catherine clients have poured in the door but the major difference is that they have been more advanced clients with much larger scale projects. We  now have massive opportunities to work in great teams on fabulous projects.

Alignment has brought me the ability to make better decisions and instead of dancing the path 'it'll be ok' I've been able to catch myself at the beginning of the road and say, 'wrong way go back'.  This has saved me massive angst and although I'd like everything to happen now, I can definitely see that massive progressive is being made!

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Dr. Catherine Wilkins - I can't thank you enough - I have gone from Zero to Brilliant in a matter of weeks!

Debra W.



Theo Poulos Real Estate

I was referred to Catherine by a consultant working with our company. I had just been promoted to a managerial position and was having issues processing my new role.

Catherine has great insight into the way we relate to our world and each other. She’s given me the necessary foresight to move forward  with greater clarity.

I’m now clearer about who I am and how to relate to and be a positive influence to those I come in contact with.

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Dr. Catherine’s great knowledge and understanding has given me the confidence to move forward.

Danielle P.

Student Stories


Monika von Koss

"The Fractology training has made a huge difference in my whole life. Personally I feel much more self-confident and free to express myself which improved the way I relate to people and life in general. That would have been enough to make the Fractology training worthwhile. But in addition, the development of a holographic consciousness brought my practice as a Psychotherapist to a complete new level of expertise and efficiency and watching my clients grow and expand contribute to increase my wellbeing even more, because I grow and expand with every session."


Sarb Chowdry

I first came to see Catherine because I wanted to understand the science behind energetic healing and more consciously experience and work with energy to enable me to use it for my own personal development and also to support the clients in my business.
Working with Catherine these last 15 months has been a truly fascinating, rewarding and life changing experience. It has allowed me to experience greater levels of spiritual expansion, growth and freedom in both my personal and professional life.
I now have a deeper understanding and awareness of the nature of my own energy, more mental clarity and emotional balance with the ability to have more conscious discernment of the choices I make both in life and work and this has resulted in an overall improvement in a feeling of my wellbeing and sense of fulfilment.
I'm also excited to be studying the Fractology Practitioner course; learning with Catherine is a fun, engaging and memorable experience."


"My studies in Fractology have made me aware of my own innate abilities and potential. I’m more centred and relaxed in my relationships with a clearer awareness of my boundaries. My ability to hold my space has increased, energy levels have increased and I am physically strong and well. Fractology stimulates me intellectually and has led to an exciting change in my worldview from one narrowly focussed to an expansive view encompassing the quantum universe."


Horizon Models

When I started to manufacture high quality products to a niche market in Australia I was determined to succeed. Catherine helped me get clarity on the company’s core values and how to express them in our products for a higher quality result. Catherine distilled the fundamentals of success for us, creating a framework to ensure we stayed aligned to our values as well as our goals.

Catherine taught us her systems based approach through which we increased efficiency and productivity as a function of our quality. Within the system we now have in place, good decision-making is second nature. Being now clear on the pattern of our business we can capitalise on opportunities and correct where needed much faster.

Catherine has a unique ability to see ‘through the noise’ and understand what needs to be addressed and realigned to keep on track for success. We continue to work with Catherine as we expand our business globally and increase our reach and influence within our industry.

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I’ve experienced first-hand Catherine’s seemingly endless wisdom.

Tony R.

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