Famous Equations and Fractals

Fractology is based on science . Here we will be giving you just a brief taste of some different aspects of that science.

We all know E = mc2. Another famous equation is E = hv. This is the quantum physics equation of Planck-Einstein-Schrodinger that shows the frequency (v) of a quantum wave vibration related to its energy according to h, Planck’s constant. This is a physical constant (similar to c, the speed of light) which relates to the proportion size of quanta (packets of energy in quantum mechanics). We can combine these two v = mc2/h.

Essentially what this means is we can ‘play’ empty space; we can create a specific frequency in space by placing different combinations of quarks, gluons, electrons, photons and other quantum particles and letting them settle into equilibrium. The different frequencies are determined by where the particles are placed, and what particles are used; they will settle according to the vibration. The vibrations represent particles of different mass (m).

This is a much more modern explanation of the ‘Music of the Spheres’. The current science does not quite go so far as to say that the vibration or quantum frequency is determined by the fractal pattern of the arrangement of particles, but it is getting very close. Just as standing waves create the purist music in wind instruments, a fractal pattern arrangement creates the purist vibrations on a quantum level. Having this pattern within our cells enables our energy to sound its own resonance clearly and beautifully within our world.

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