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What is Fractology?

Fractology is based on science. Here we will be giving you just a brief taste of some different aspect of that science.

A fractal is a self-similar pattern of infinite detail; it is the same pattern repeated over and over again at different levels. No matter how we shrink or magnify or turn a fractal the same pattern emerges. This means once we know the basic pattern being repeated we can understand the total pattern.

Fractals are different to structures we are used to. If we break an ordinary structure its organisation is lost. When we break a fractal, its pattern is still there. This is what happens with the hologram, which has a fractal structure. Break a hologram and each piece contains a smaller version of the original picture. All the images of creations fit together according to fractals.

Fractals form the hidden structure of our holographic universe. They are the key to understanding our Universe, infinity and metaphysical abilities. Whenever we use our metaphysical abilities we are, consciously or unconsciously, using fractal patterns to tap into the hologram of creation.

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