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“Catherine’s work is more than a psychic experience. It contains the keys that opens the doors to the true inner powers of the human mind. Catherine, thank you for such an important contribution to a new awakened humanity.”

Dr. John F. Demartini


What can Fractology teach me?

You learned left-brain logic when you were at school. This is the linear logic that tells you 1+1 = 2, 1+2 = 3, and so on. Your left brain uses details. Little by little it builds up small bits of data to get an idea of the whole.

Your right brain works in exactly the opposite way. Right-brained or intuitive logic is pattern-based. It grasps the entire pattern at once, then goes deeper to find what is aligned to the pattern, and what isn’t.

Look at a tree and you’ll find the bits that don’t match the overall pattern—the broken branch or tangle of mistletoe. You’ll also perceive which other trees have the matching patterns.

Fractology can teach you pattern-based logic along with all the other necessary skills to develop self-awareness, intuition and energetic mastery.  This will show you how to create a fulfilling, authentic life for yourself.

How can I use Fractology to grow spiritually?

Learning how to stabilise, strengthen and work with the patterns of your own life, and of the world around you, will give you control over your own life and what happens to you. With the self-awareness that comes with learning Fractology principles you are no longer a victim of circumstances but can create a path for yourself to your own clarity and understanding.

You will develop certainty in your own insight and no longer have to depend on other people’s, thus you will have greater personal power in all aspects of your life and relationships.

Are psychic abilities real?

While it is impossible to directly measure how much information our brain processes, it has been proved that the brain filters out most of the information that is streaming into it in every nanosecond.  This is because you’d be overwhelmed if you were conscious of all of that information. The brain delivers up to the conscious mind what you’ve programmed it to believe is the most important information, through your choices and behaviour through your life.

It has also been shown we’re all connected – at the quantum level and through biomagnetic fields and in other ways.  For many people this information remains in their unconscious mind.

The old name for a psychic was a sensitive. This is a much more accurate word because it describes the truth of what psychic abilities are. Someone who is psychic is sensitive, is consciously aware of more information than others because their brain does not filter out as much information.

Isn’t intuition a gift?

Fractology has revealed the principles of intuition, which has turned it from a gift into a skill. Now you, too, can be consciously aware of the kind of information most people’s brain filters out.

Like all skills, from the violin to tennis to carpentry, there are those who are born with a greater capacity than others. Yet if they do nothing to expand their capacity and hone their skills, those who consciously study and practice will, in time, surpass them.

Intuition and psychic ability are like that. Certainly there are some born with a more sensitive and aware system than others, but if you want to master this skill all you need do is learn the principles, and practice their application.

How does self-awareness benefit me?

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of any truly fulfilling life. After all, how can you be fulfilled and create what you want in your life, if you don’t know who you are? If you don’t know who it is that wants that?

The clearer and more certain your ability to recognise your own pattern and energy becomes, the stronger your self-awareness will be. This will create many benefits for you, including, but not limited to:

  • Awareness of your purpose and sources of inspiration in life
  • Improved focus
  • Increased self-certainty, leading to increased confidence and personal power
  • As well as Improved spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and fitness
  • Increased clarity of your authenticity
  • Along with an improved ability to communicate that
  • Leading to an increased ability to allow yourself the positive in life
  • And so more joy, love, abundance, wisdom and bliss in your life
  • Along with increased sensuality and vibrancy.
  • Improved decision-making with an authentic, rather than a judgemental, framework
  • Increased awareness of when things truly serve you and when they don’t
  • And an increased ability to say “no” when they don’t
  • Which decreases your stress levels, along with fear
  • Not least, a greater ability to apply your intuition in a way that truly enhances your life and serves you.
How does my intuition benefit me?

There are many ways your intuition benefits you, and all these benefits flow from the foundation of true intuition – strong self-awareness.

  • Your intuition will enable you to find your path of greatest alignment, ease and effectiveness.
  • This means more free time because you’ll create what you want with less effort.
  • Your intuition will alert you to unexpected consequences – and also show you how to deal with them.
  • Your intuition will fire your creativity.
  • Your intuition will give you more flexibility in the way you manifest your goals, which means more opportunity.
  • Improved focus and a stronger intention because using your intuition means exercising these important aspects
  • Deeper insight and stronger vision for your own life, as well as others
  • And a profound satisfaction and fulfilment.
How do I know where to start?

There are 3 pillars which create a strong foundation for your intuition.

1. Completing your cycles.

One of nature’s most basic patterns is that of the cycle. Your energy flows the same way. Learning how to consciously recognise where you are in your own cycles and what to do to move to the next point, and complete each cycle for maximum expansion, gives you a stronger energy that leads to increased clarity.

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2. Balancing your energy.

Another of nature’s basic patterns is of balanced flows. Balance is a primary key to your health and wellbeing, and also strength.  It’s easier for you to carrier a heavy load if it’s balanced.  Your energetic flows need to be balanced if you’re going to attain the maximum benefit from your growing awareness, and especially if you want to do it with as much ease and grace as possible.

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3. Tuning your energy to your centre.

Your intuitive skill and mastery will take a transformational step upwards once you learn to work it from your own centre. Your energy has a unique resonance and pattern. Learning to work in alignment with your unique resonance and pattern means every time you exercise your intuition you will be increasing your personal strength and power.

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