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Fractology training

For the first time the principles of intuition have been made clear so you can develop this skill and energetic mastery just as you can develop any other skill.

Fractology training enables you to develop pattern-based awareness to the point that you can work with the patterns underlying the universe, called fractal patterns.  These patterns are a literal map you can use to create profound transformation in your life and the lives of those around you.  using the principles of Fractology this is something you can do with consistency, reliability and accuracy.

The prerequisites to doing the Fractology Training

Fractology Training:

The only prerequisite to the Fractology Training is that you have some energetic awareness.  That means if you feel some energy you know you feel it, rather than arguing with yourself about it.

If you would like to do the Fractology training but are not yet at the point where you have confidence of your energetic awareness or intuition then you’ll need to learn about your intuition beforehand to get to that point.

Master Fractology Training:

The prerequisites for the Master Fractology Practitioner Training are the Practitioner Training, as well as 200 clinical hours of Fractology work in your chosen field after graduation.  This is to ensure that you’ve practiced working with the fractal system to the point that it feels natural to think in patterns or that you’ve reached unconscious competence with it.

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What makes Fractology training unique?

Doing the reviews – you get to experience a practical example – reading the pattern / fractal – everything is consistent and congruent

You get to develop an accuracy and precision of intuitive work, along with strong, stable and clear energy.  You’re able to work with your intuition in a way that has practical effects that can be demonstrated on a consistent basis.

What’s involved in doing the Fractology training?

As with all training the Fractology training requires you understand some principles, and that you do lots of practice.  While the principles are simple the practice takes time to develop.  This learning goes through the same phases as any learning until you develop unconscious competence, mastery and certainty.

If I learn Fractology, do I need to become a practitioner?

No.  Fractology is a holographic principle.  The skills you learn through this training can be applied to any field of endeavour.  There are Fractology graduates who work in business, finance, education and entertainment industries.  Each one of them has been able to expand their life and their success by applying what they’ve learned to their own chosen field.

If you want to become a practitioner you will graduate with the skills and awareness to create a flourishing healing practice for yourself.

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