2012: The year of Absolute Release Report

2012: The Year of Absolute Release Wesak Retreat Details

The ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) was a success. We each had our own canvas cabin which was a huge assistance in the work we were doing. The food was excellent and the participants, including our guide and chef, were wonderful. We spent the week eating, walking in amazing country, journeying in our meditations and being light about limitations. I think most of us have never laughed so loudly, consistently and so long. More than once my ribs were hurting from the hilarity.

This, of course, is the best way to release. As the theme for this year and the energy we are moving we all felt it intensely. Each of us, at different times and in our own way, was given an opportunity to become clearer around codependent games. The Universe was certainly mixing it up for us in its effort to assist us to move on to interdependency. The energies of Uluru and Kata tjuta deepened the process for us.

I was so proud watching as we all hit our resistance. Recognized it, released it and move on. We all moved light-years. This is true of any Wesak but these shifts seemed deeper and more profound. Whether this is the energy of this extraordinary space or the vibrations of this year, much was asked of each of our souls. As a preview of the year to come I can only say we are all looking forward to a year of profound insight and laughter.

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