2012: The Year of Absolute Release

2012: The Year of Absolute Release – Thursday 17th – Wednesday 23rd May

This was always going to be a year of tremendous change. The retreat certainly demonstrated that. It was a week of brilliance and laughter. Each of us got to observe our remaining codependences and limitations and make profound insights and choices for ourselves. The lightness and grace that flowed as result was a steady stream of joy.

In this the year of Absolute Release the energies of the red centre were a tremendous support. We were privileged to be able to meditate in the teaching energies of this sacred

landscape and each of us felt our souls touched deeply. We also got to experience how light and graceful the changes can come when we release all of our resistance.

The changes were profound. Reflected strongly in the group we witnessed a flowering of interdependency within the collective consciousness. We know now the choices we need to make to keep the path light and graceful.

With release the insights and changes came effortlessly. As this is the last retreat I will be running I was overjoyed to watch the wisdom and maturity present in each person who enabled them to connect more deeply to themselves as each expansion was called for. We all look forward to next year and the Year of Joining which will be run by Estelle Cainey (currently undertaking her Fractology Master Training) in the top end ofNew Zealand.

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