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What Is Fractology?

Fractology – Transform your Patterns, Transform Your Life

At its core, Fractology is holographic healing – working simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level – that transforms your physical body and consciousness.

Underpinned by science, Fractology inspires greater spiritual awareness and the opportunity to genuinely transform your life.

Today, Fractology is making a major contribution to the healing professions and sciences.

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In nature, there are a multitude of patterns (e.g. leaves, branches, seashells, clouds, rivers, lightning). Such patterns are called fractals. Human beings are also fractals – with emotional, mental and physical patterns that repeat at every level of our being.

The key to understanding fractals is in their detail – while fractals are similar to each other, they are never exactly the same. Each individual is different, with their own unique fractal pattern.

The Practice of Fractology

Drawing on ancient healing traditions and modern quantum mechanics and physics – holographic healing is based on the central belief that we are multi-dimensional beings that receive energy which, in turn, determines our physical reality. When this flow of energy is interrupted, or its pattern corrupted, we experience imbalance and distortion.

Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, Fractology can include:

  • Physical healing work
  • A mix of physical healing and guided discussion/feedback
  • Guided discussion/feedback only
  • Pure energy work.

Fractology will help you directly address…

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Unease and limitation
  • Doubt and confusion.

….and clarify:

  • Your true path in life
  • Your most valuable sources of fulfilment
  • How to navigate the complexities of life with authenticity.

Fractology Practitioners

A skilled Fractology Practitioner has a strong understanding of “dis-ease” within a person and how to help them attain their true potential. They can directly identify the source of an ailment and work at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

Fractology Practitioners are especially skilled in applying advanced esoteric and energetic healing techniques – including chakra healing, kundalini balancing, and pranic and mind body healing. Such a holistic approach to healing means Practitioners can address multi-factorial problems – be they spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.

In a Fractology session, clients experience gentle but powerful vibrational healing through a combination of directed clarity, mindfulness and healing touch. Self-awareness and self-healing methods are always appropriate to where each individual is on their life path. Where necessary, Fractology can be combined with chiropractic for faster and more grounded results.


Fractology sessions are available through:

  • The Institute of Fractology – Katoomba, Blue Mountains
  • Lilyfield Psychotherapy Centre – Lilyfield, Sydney
  • Distant healing (spiritual or energy healing courses available in self-directed formats).

Dr Catherine Wilkins – Masters in Fractology, Masters in Chiropractic

Catherine’s professional practice combines Fractology and chiropractic.

Chiropractic starts from the physical and works up to the energetic and spiritual levels, while Fractology starts from the spiritual and energetic and works down to the physical. These two disciplines work in tandem across the complete therapeutic cycle.

Chiropractic enables you to:

  • Release pain and restriction
  • Achieve optimal alignment in your physical self
  • Change your neurology to support an abundant life
  • Adapt neurologically to participate in advanced energy work
  • Develop a system that supports beneficial life strategies

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