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The Seven Keys to Authentic Power


The Seven Keys to Authentic Power


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Are you trapped by powerlessness?

Do you feel blocked from what you want in life? Stuck in a place without achievement or happiness?

It often seems the power to achieve desires, both great and small, is reserved for a chosen few. The rest of us have to suffer through life without the luck granted others. Life is a wasteland of failed promise and withered hopes.

We dream of the power to achieve everything we want, to right the wrongs and heal the hurts of the world, to grant abundance to those we love and greater promise to all. Yet it so often seems the dream just taunts us as we continue to fail.

Is failure eating at your self-esteem?

Seven keys to authentic power.

  • Without the power of intention our energies fail.
  • Without the power of who we truly are we fail in our purpose in life.
  • Without power we are doomed to failure.
  • Without the power of love our relationships fail.
  • Without the power of clarity our choices fail.
  • Without the power of vitality our bodies fail.

Consistent failure eats at us. It corrodes our self-esteem and further hampers our ability to succeed.

But just as failure can be consistent, so too can success. Anything done consistently is done with skill, not luck. Whether it is apparent or not, those with the power to achieve their desires have mastered at least something of this skill.

We need to know the keys to develop the skill of power for ourselves.

There are Seven Keys to Authentic Power.

Power that assists us to achieve the desires of our soul, of who We Truly Are, is authentic power. When we develop the skill of authentic power we are able to consistently achieve those things our inner or true self is demanding of us. We are able to reach for ever higher goals of joy, fulfilment, inspiration and healing, both for ourselves and those around us.

Through the work of Fractology we can know the seven keys to authentic power. Each key we master assists us to an ever greater realisation of our desires. With each one we let go of failure and the sense of powerlessness.

Working with the seven keys we can create the ability to consistently manifest our desires. The Seven Keys to Authentic Power takes us on our own journey to a more fulfilling life.

John went on this journey. He was frustrated time and again. It seemed so often he was about to achieve his desires only to have them snatched away at the last moment. He was desperate with the despair of failure and cripplingly poor self-esteem. He wanted to fix it but didn’t know what he was doing wrong. It wasn’t so much he was doing anything wrong as he wasn’t doing enough that was right.  He hadn’t yet accessed the seven keys to authentic power. However, when he did so his ‘luck’ began to change. Slowly at first but then with greater consistency he was able to create more and more of what he wanted in life. With increasing success his self-esteem and confidence grew. Now he moves forward with certainty towards goals he wouldn’t have dreamed of only a short time ago.

Find your authentic power now.

Download The Seven Keys to Authentic Power to discover more.

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